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10.06.2024 Moz

Ep 9 | How Schema Markup Helped Tourism Australia Fool the World | MozPod | Catherine Lux | 4K

A 30-second Super Bowl ad costs millions, and the pressure to show ROI is intense. What would you do with that ad space? Could you create something that captures the world's attention and generates a massive buzz? This MozPod episode uncovers how Tourism Australia took a $36 million gamble and turned it into a viral sensation by disguising a commercial as a Crocodile Dundee movie trailer.

Join Catherine Lux and your host, Chima Mmeje, as they discuss the strategies and technical insights that drove the campaign's success. Discover how an SEO expert played a critical role from the planning stages through execution, contributing to the campaign's success and driving organic media coverage valued at $90 million. This MozPod episode shows how SEO and high-impact advertising can work together to make a highly successful PR and marketing campaign.


Thank you to our guest, Catherine Lux!


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