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29.04.2024 Moz

Ep 6 | A Marketer's Guide to Scaling a Startup to £1m MRR | Rod Richmond

Rod Richmond, entrepreneur and CMO, shares his unique approach to startup growth. Scaling a startup is challenging work. As a founder, you may need help with cash flow issues, team burnout, and finding your customer base. But could a marketer's touch be the secret to taking your startup from zero to £1m MRR? In this episode of MozPod, we discuss how a marketer can make all the difference in helping you find product-market fit, acquire your first 100 customers, and reach your first million in revenue.

If you're a startup founder or growth-focused entrepreneur, this episode will give you actionable advice on tackling your scaling problems and reaching your business goals.


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Get to know out guest, Rod Richmond:

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