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07.11.2022 RustyBrick Barry Schwartz Search Engine Roundtable

Rick Mariano On Automation and Human Touch For Marketing Account Strategists - Vlog #196

In part one we spoke about how Rick Mariano has helped build LocalEdge to provide high volume digital marketing services at a low cost. In this next part, Rick explained more specifically how he was able to structure the business and staff to do these tasks.

Rick explained they have a very good development and business intelligence team where they can quickly see where the priorities should be with the businesses. Rick said it is all about prioritization, and knowing where to focus today is key to running a successful business here. Each account strategist t can quickly see what they need to focus on when they start their day is important.

He also said project management systems are crucial in these efforts. This way you know what to do, how to do it, and then see how the results were. Then if the PM leaves, the new PM also needs to know where to pick up from, quickly and efficiently.

In running a business through automation and strategies human touch is critical, it is a blend of the two.

We then touched on the growth of the agency again, a bit from the topic we covered in part one. He gave some tips including hiring the right people, try not to rush into hiring, and building tools and reports that are all important to scale. We spoke a lot about the process of building out these software tools and reports.

You can follow Rick Mariano on LinkedIn and at LocalEdge.

0:00 - Rick Mariano VP of Digital at Hearst running LocalEdge
1:02 - Structuring Your SEO Agency Team To Be Efficient
2:55 - Project Management System For SEO Agencies
3:47 - Agency Automation With Strategies Touch
4:50 - Scaling Digital Marketing Providers Through Workflows and Processes
9:40 - Piloting New Processes

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