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25.07.2022 RustyBrick Barry Schwartz Search Engine Roundtable

Part Five: Jaimie Clark On Google Product Reviews Update & Jon Clark On SEO For Startups

Jaimie and Jon Clark came for a visit and we all spoke SEO and a lot more. Jaimie Clark is the VP of SEO at Centerfield, she was previously the Head of SEO at Wirecutter, a New York Times company. Jon Clark runs his own firm, Moving Traffic Media and was previously an SEO at some large companies. In part one, I pinned Jaimie versus Jon in an SEO challenge - guess who won... Then in part two, we spoke about Jaimie and Jon Clark's career paths, in part three we talk about Jaimie Clark's professional career and growth to the title of Vice President of SEO at a major corporation. Then in part four, we spoke with Jon about building an SEO agency.

0:00 - Google Product Reviews Update On Product Reviews Sites
5:38 - Tips To Win With Google Product Reviews Update
7:34 - Does Google Always Get It Right With Search
8:02 - SEO For Startups
11:44 - Red Flags For Working With Startups
13:09 - Working In SEO As A Couple

In part five, I spoke to Jamie Clark about the Google Product Reviews update, since she worked at Wirecutter during the product reviews update. And she said this update was a long time coming and she was happy to see it and explained why that is the case. She said Google was good at weeding out the fakers. This Google update helped Wirecutter in a big way and it was perfect timing.

We also discussed maybe the internal fights about investing in such amazing content and reviews but Google ranking lower quality sites for so many years. But then one day, with this product reviews update, it ended up paying off in a big way. But fighting that fight before this update could not have been easy.

She is applying the same principles to her work at Centerfield and those principles are the only way to have long-term SEO success.

Jon explained why Google has to do it because users just want to be told what they want.

Then we spoke about doing SEO for startups and Jon spoke a lot about that. Jon said startups are moving so fast and growing so fast and he has a passion for it. He was amazed to see how SEO can help with investor funding. He explained a lot of the difference between working with startups versus large companies - you can just move faster with less red tape. SEO is sometimes simply more fun with startups. He mentioned a few red flags with working with startups. Startups should be hiring, if the startup is not hiring, that might be unusual.

And then we ended the interview about how it is for two SEO couples working at home in the same house. They can bounce SEO ideas off each other, which is great Jaimie said. Jon said that his clients benefit from Jaimie’s wisdom and Jaimie said the same thing, Wirecutter benefited from it as well. They spoke a lot about the benefits of working together and at home from a professional and work point of view.

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