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07.06.2021 rustybrick

John Shehata On Google News SEO, Ranking In News & Google Discover (part two) #123

John Shehata is the Global Vice Present of Audience Development Strategy & CRM at Condé Nast. John also founded, an SEO software toolset for news publishers. But more importantly, John is a 20+ year SEO vet that has a deep passion about news SEO. We spoke for a pretty long time but the conversation goes very quickly. Honestly, we didn’t even prepare ahead of time with topics, we just flowed from topic to topic naturally. It was one of my more smooth vlogs in a while but that happens often when the person you are speaking with is passionate about the topic.

Part one, we spoke a bit about the early days of news SEO but in part two we went into how to rank in Google News, news SEO topics, and how valuable Google Discover is to publishers.

0:35 - News SEO
1:20 - E-A-T: Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness
2:55 - Getting Into Google News Is Harder Than Ever
4:30 - Google News Publisher Center
5:04 - Automatic Inclusion Into Google News (December 2019) Is Bad
7:15 - Google Discover A Lifeline To Publishers
9:35 - Optimize For Google Discover

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