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12.06.2023 RustyBrick Barry Schwartz Search Engine Roundtable

Menachem Ani on PMax With Lead Generation & Google Smart Bidding

In part one, we spoke about who is Menachem Ani and also about how to structure performance max campaigns in Google Ads. In part two, we talk about onboarding new clients and e-commerce with Google Ads.

0:00 - Lead Generation With Google Performance Max
1:27 - Google Ads Smart Bidding
2:50 - Google Ads Evil Or Not
5:00 - Local Search Ads & Lead Generation
5:51 - Google Ads Third-Party Tools
6:28 - Google Analytics
6:57 - *this was recorded ages ago, they are not extending the deadline
11:05 - Menachem Ani of JXT Group - @MenachemAni

Menachem told us sometimes clients come to him from other agencies, and a lot of the time, it is from customers who are starting from scratch. He said it is easier to take over a client with an account because they already have data and numbers to work with. I then asked him about red flags about taking on Google Ads clients, and he said things to watch out for, including not giving campaigns enough time to perform. So often they like to do a quick audit of the campaigns prior to taking on the client.

In terms of how much time you need to give a campaign, it varies, it depends on budget and volume. It also can vary on the cost per click, but you need a certain level of conversions and traffic to measure. Sometimes it can take four weeks, and sometimes it can take twelve weeks. During those weeks, you are actively tweaking the campaigns to improve things and make progress.

I asked him if there was a situation where Google Ads was not the right fit for a customer. He said when it comes to lower order value with private label brands, and Google Ads might not be a good fit.

We then transitioned to talking about all Google is doing around e-commerce and what he is doing to leverage that. He said first thing, do not be resistant to change, adopt it and figure out how to make the new thing work for your clients. We also discussed the confusion between Google Ads, and Google Merchant Center organic versus ads. He gave us a brief history of this and how this is changing.

Menachem also explained when to use Google Shopping Ads versus Performance Max.

More to come, but to learn more about Menachem Ani follow him @MenachemAni and on LinkedIn.

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