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02.01.2023 RustyBrick Barry Schwartz Search Engine Roundtable

Nicole Waddington On Working At A Digital Marketing Agency

Nicole Waddington is a digital marketing strategist at Cypress North. She started her career as an Intern at Cypress North and then was offered a full-time job at the agency. She spoke about her interest in marketing but found this job through her university and was eager to work for an agency. She got her job during COVID and but Cypress was working in person, so she didn’t have to start a new job while working remotely.

Nicole loves the low barrier of entry in the space, she loves how fast-paced the technology is changing, and of course, how much she loves the industry. She also spoke about how her jumping on Marketing O'Clock put her out of her comfort zone, and we spoke about being out of the comfort zone and how that is important.

She is a huge fan of agency life because compared to working in-house, you are working at a faster speed. Also, at Cypress North, there is a lot of room to try new things. She loves working with new clients and the diversity of the companies she works with, and she finds that exciting.

Staying curious is an important attribute, she said, more so, maybe even being nosey. Nicole said you never know where it will lead you because if you don’t try something, you won’t know.

You can learn more about Nicole Waddingtonon LinkedIn or on Twitter @njwmarketing.

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