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07.10.2022 RustyBrick Barry Schwartz Search Engine Roundtable

Google Algorithmic Swings, Search Console Weirdness, Google Reviews Guidelines, Google Ads & More

This week, I posted the monthly Google webmaster report, an excellent place to catch up on the past month in SEO. Glenn Gabe shared some wild charts showing how Google’s various search algorithms can't make up its mind about on-site quality. Google Search Console’s queries report in Google Analytics UA3 is not passing query data. Google Search Console’s performance report is missing data from September 21st. Google also is still working on the timestamp issues for news articles in Google Search. Google does not track Multisearch in Google Search Console. Google’s John Mueller said that visually searching is rare. Google dished out advice on what to do when copy sites outrank you. Google updated its review guidelines to disallow discouraging negative reviews and more. Google Business Profiles are being suspended big time. Google Business Profiles also has weird spikes with some Insights reports. Google has removed the health and safety section from Google Business Profiles. Google Shopping has a new chat feature. Google Ads will update its financial services policy in the UK soon. Google Ads now lets you apply a recommendation as an experiment on the experiments page. Microsoft Advertising added performance max imports, new data exclusion features, automated extension additions, and much more. Google Ads released the API schedule for release dates and sunset dates in 2023. Google Tag added tap coverage summary and new Google Ads, Google Analytics, and popular CMS integrations. Also, I am offline this and next Monday and Tuesday for the last set of Jewish holidays. And if you want to help sponsor those vlogs, go to That was the search news this week at the Search Engine Roundtable.

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0:00 - Introduction
0:52 - October 2022 Google Webmaster Report :
1:18 - Wild Google Ranking Swings With Google Algorithm Updates :
2:19 - Google Search Console Queries Report In Google Analytics Not Showing Query Data :
3:07 - Google Search Console Performance Report Missing Data On September 21st :
3:24 - Multisearch Not Being Tracked In Google Search Console :
3:51 - Google Still Working On Getting Timestamps Accurate In Search Results :
4:41 - Google: Searching Visually Is Rare In Many Areas :
5:05 - Google Advice On When Copy Sites Outrank Your Original Content :
5:58 - Google Review Guidelines Updated To Disallow Discouraging Negative Or Selectively Solicit Positive Reviews :
6:33 - Google Business Profile Suspensions Spiking :
6:56 - Report: Unusual Spike In Google Business Profile Insights Traffic :
7:18 - Google Business Profiles Removes Health & Safety Attributes :
7:43 - Google Shopping Chat Feature On Product Results :
7:58 - Google Ads To Update UK Financial Services Policy Update To Crack Down On Fraud :
8:40 - Google Ads Apply A Recommendation As An Experiment In The Experiments Page :
9:10 - Google Ads API 2023 Release Schedule :
9:41 - Microsoft Advertising Gains Performance Max Import, Data Exclusion, Automated Extensions & More :
10:22 - Google Tag Adds Tap Coverage Summary, Ads, Analytics & CMS Integration :
10:45 - Conclusion

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