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17.05.2023 Moz

The #1 and Only Reason Your SEO Clients Keep Firing You [MozCon 2018] — Meredith Oliver

You have a kick-ass keyword strategy. Seriously, it’s so good it could launch a NASA rocket. You have the best talent on your SEO team that working from home and an unlimited amount of free beard wax can buy.

You have a super cool, animal-inspired company name like “Sloth” or “Chinchilla” that no one understands but the logo is AMAZING. You have all of this, yet your client turnover rate is higher than Snoop Dog on an HBO Comedy Special. Why?

You don't talk to your clients, at least not really. Communicating with your clients involves so much more than talking. It’s teaching them what you know, helping them get it -- really get it. How do I know this is happening to you? It’s because I was you.

The first five years of my agency we churned and burned through clients faster than Kim Kardashian can take a selfie. But then my mastermind group suggested we proactively conduct a monthly review meeting with every single client. We immediately adopted the practice, and it was a game-changer. Ten years later, we have a 90% client retention rate and over 30 SEO clients on retainer.

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