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17.05.2022 Google Search Central

6 Tips for optimizing your website with JavaScript

JavaScript is commonly used to build modern websites to create richer, more engaging experiences for users. It’s also a common source for website performance issues. In this episode of Ecommerce Essentials, Alan Kent - Developer Relations Engineer - speaks to six tips related to JavaScript libraries and frameworks that can help improve your ecommerce site.

0:00 - 1:58 Intro
1:58 - 3:55 Tip #1: Avoid JavaScript file proliferation
3:55 - 5:11 Tip #2: Avoid excessive DNS lookups
5:11 - 6:48 Tip #3: Eliminate inefficient JavaScript
6:48 - 8:18 Tip #4: Eliminate unused JavaScript
8:18 - 9:06 Tip #5: Compress JavaScript files
9:06 - 10:35 Tip #6: Set appropriate cache durations for JavaScript code
10:35 - 11:20 Wrap up

PageSpeed Insights →
Preconnect to required origins →
Intervening against document.write() →
Reduce JavaScript payloads with tree shaking →

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