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11.03.2022 RustyBrick Barry Schwartz Search Engine Roundtable

Google Search Turbulence, SafeSearch Classification Is Faster, Plus More SEO & PPC Topics

On March 4th we had more Google search turbulence, a possible Google search ranking update around then. Google’s John Mueller said they sped up the SafeSearch filter classification process. The translated indexing issue we spoke about last week was from the Google Cloud team, ironically. Google said indexing issues can be old spam related but likely not old adult content related. Google said it ignores widget links, so why bother. One SEO claims that content outside of hidden tabs will result in higher rankings, despite what Google says. Google posted on how they discover content within videos today. Google’s people also ask can be displayed two or more times on a search results page. Does having subdomains give you more of a shot at having more indented grouped results in Google Search. Google web stories tests the URL in the outer and instructions. Google’s Danny Sullivan corrected Andrew Yang and Ramesh Srinivasan on how search works. John Mueller gave a lesson to a novice SEO on links. Google Search Center’s virtual unconference registration opens March 17th and the event is March 23rd. Google Shopping has a filter to see only products from smaller stores. Google Ads is testing grayed out parts of URLs. Microsoft Advertising launched professional service ads and Microsoft Advertising Editor gained audience network support. Google Search also added Jewish Shabbat times to search. That was this past week in search at the Search Engine Roundtable.

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0:00 - Introduction
0:58 - Google Search Ranking Algorithm Update On March 4th - Unconfirmed :
1:35 - Google SafeSearch Filter Can Now Update Faster :
2:20 - Google Cloud Translated Pages Not Indexed By Google Search :
3:12 - Google: Indexing Issues Can Be Old Spam Related But Likely Not Adult Content Related :
4:05 - Google: We Mostly Just Ignore Widget Links And Not Penalize For Them :
4:25 - SEO Claims Higher Rankings Without Content Hidden In Tabs Again :
5:17 - Google's Danielle Marshak On How Google Understands Videos :
6:05 - Google People Also Ask Displaying Two Or More Times On A Page :
6:19 - Can You Gain More Intended Google Search Results With Subdomains? :
6:44 - Google Web Stories Test URL In Footer & Tips :
6:53 - Google's Danny Sullivan Corrects Andrew Yang & Ramesh Srinivasan On How Search Works :
7:59 - John Mueller Gives A Hard Lesson To An SEO On Google Ranking & Spam :
8:31 - Google Search Central Virtual Unconference Registration Begins March 17th :
8:51 - Google Shopping Filter By "Smaller Stores" :
8:59 - Google Ads Testing Lighter Parts URLs :
9:08 - Google: Vehicle Ads Now Available To All US Advertisers :
9:22 - New Microsoft Advertising Professional Service Ads For Bing Search :
9:38 - Microsoft Advertising Editor Gains Audience Network Control :
9:46 - Google Search Adds Jewish Shabbat Times Again :
10:05 - Conclusion

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