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18.04.2022 RustyBrick Barry Schwartz Search Engine Roundtable

Larry Brauner On Growth Marketing, Reputation Management, Reviews, Ads & More - Vlog 168

Larry Brauner, the growth marketer and VP of digital marketing at iPostal1, stopped by the office to talk search. Larry has been in my office before, when we were mutually working on a local non profit organization together. Larry started off as a data analysts, then went into market research and then worked for IDT. It was while at IDT that he became fascinated by internet marketing, so left that job and got into search marketing and has not looked back. He said there was very little overlap between his earlier job and his new job.

We talked about tons and tons of topics but in part one, we specifically spoke about:

Introduction (0:00)
Larry Brauner Professional History (1:26)
Brand vs Growth Marketing (5:17)
Reputation Management & Online Image Reviews (8:20)
Leveraging Affiliate Sites (11:31)
Acceptance of Paid Ads (13:45)
More to come soon from Larry, so make sure to subscribe on your favorite platform.

You can learn more about Larry Brauner on LinkedIn.

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