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18.07.2022 RustyBrick Barry Schwartz Search Engine Roundtable

Jon Clark On Building An SEO Agency & Happy Employees and Customers

Jaimie and Jon Clark came for a visit and we all spoke SEO and a lot more. Jaimie Clark is the VP of SEO at Centerfield, she was previously the Head of SEO at Wirecutter, a New York Times company. Jon Clark runs his own firm, Moving Traffic Media and was previously an SEO at some large companies. In part one, I pinned Jaimie versus Jon in an SEO challenge - guess who won... Then in part two we spoke about Jaimie and Jon Clark's career paths and in part three we talk about Jaimie Clark's professional career and growth to the title of Vice President of SEO at a major corporation.

0:00 - Jon Clark, Managing Partner at Moving Traffic Media
0:58 - Running A Small SEO Business
4:10 - Attracting SEO Talent As A Small Business

So now that we heard about Jaimie Clark’s SEO career path within various companies, I asked Jon Clark about building an agency. We spoke about the differences between running your own business and working for one. Jon spoke about the benefits of COVID for running his business. But he then explained all the concerns around running a business from payroll, taxes, insurance and so much more. What helped Jon was getting mentors to work with during his process of building his own business. He spoke about a couple of things he did to help him build his business.

He then spoke about some methods he uses to compete as a smaller business and how they interview, hire and handle employee benefits. He said it is about building the company culture in the company even without having everyone in the office.

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