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22.03.2022 Google Search Central

Which SEO tools and tests should every developer know?

What SEO tools are available to SEOs & developers to maximize their collaboration efforts? What should SEOs focus on to really move the needle efficiently?

In this interview Martin Splitt, Developer Advocate at Google, and Crystal Carter, Head of SEO Communications at, discuss how developers and SEO teams can work together to build great websites that can easily be found and meet their customer’s expectations using tools such as Screaming Frog, Google Search Console, and SEO Pro Extension.

Please note: This video was recorded at the end of 2021 when Crystal Carter held the position of Senior Digital Strategist at Optix Solutions. When referring to her team in the video she is referring to the Optix Solutions team.

00:00 - 01:12 Introduction
01:12 - 04:16 Positioning SEO as an opportunity, not a challenge
04:16 - 9:38 The importance of testing and user data for both web dev and SEO
09:38 - 16:26 Tools to help SEOs & Devs work together
16:26 - 20:26 Tools for testing sites during development
20:26 - 26:14 Moving the needle efficiently
26:14 - 30:20 Improving communication between SEOs & Devs
30:20 - 31:53 Recap

Resources mentioned in this talk:
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Search Console →
Chrome Dev Tools →
Screaming Frog →
Ahrefs →
SEO Pro Extension →
Wayback Machine →

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