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13.04.2023 Google Search Central

Analyzing Search performance data with bubble charts - Search Console Training

In this episode of Search Console Training, Daniel Waisberg shares how to use bubble charts to analyze Search performance data. Bubble charts are a great way to visualize multiple metrics and dimensions at once, making it easy to see relationships and patterns in your data. Learn about clicks, click-through rate, and average position for queries and devices to help surface query optimization opportunities. This video is perfect for anyone wanting to learn more about how to use Search Console to improve their website’s performance.

Google Search Essentials →
Optimizing website performance with a Search Console bubble chart →
Bubble chart template →

0:00 - Introduction to optimizing Search performance with bubble charts
1:00 - Understanding the bubble chart
3:22 - Analyzing the data
5:43 - Optimizing your website performance
6:57 - Wrap up

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