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08.07.2022 RustyBrick Barry Schwartz Search Engine Roundtable

Google Ranking Update, Twitter Nofollows, More On Links, Google Features Come & Go and PPC News

This week, I published the monthly Google webmaster report - a great place to catch up on the Google news. Google may have done another algorithm update on July 5th and July 7th. Google created its own landing page for its algorithm update timeline. Google said course rich results require three courses to be eligible. Google said it is safe to delete your disavow file if you had no prior history. Google said the follow to nofollow ratio does not impact your rankings. Twitter added back the nofollow attribute to its links. Google Search Console’s link report seems to keep dropping links. Google Search Console Insights now supports GA4. Google removed the interesting finds search results feature. Google is testing things to do in an overlay format. Google is testing highly rated by users in search results. Google Merchant Center added auto-tagging for all free listings across all Google experiences. Google released version 2.1 of Google Ads Editor with a new overview page design. Google improved the Google Adcs location targeting options. Microsoft Advertising added automatic updates for Shopping Campaigns, auto-generated Remarketing Lists, more eligible UET tags migrating to the Microsoft Clarity insights experience, Customer match expanded to new markets and more. That was this past week in search at the Search Engine Roundtable.

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0:00 - Introduction
1:48 - July 2022 Google Webmaster Report :
2:22 - Google Search Ranking Update Volatility July 5th & July 7th :
3:06 - Google Creates A Landing Page With Major Ranking Updates Timeline :
3:50 - PSA: Google Course Rich Results Require At Least Three Courses :
4:06 - Google: It's Safe To Delete Your Disavow Link File If No Manual Actions Or History Of Link Schemes :
4:34 - Google: Ratio Of Follow To Nofollow Links Never Causes SEO Issues :
4:53 - Twitter Adds Back Nofollow Attributes To Links :
5:05 - Google Search Console Link Counts Keep Falling A Lot :
5:51 - Google Search Console Insights Finally Supports Google Analytics 4 :
6:46 - Google's Interesting Finds SERP Feature Goes Missing From The Search Results - Maybe It Wasn't Interesting To Users Anymore :
7:12 - Google Tests Things To Do Overlay Over Search Results :
7:22 - Google Highly Rated By Users Search Carousel :
7:40 - Google Merchant Center Adds Auto-Tagging For All Free Listings Across All Of Google :
8:03 - Google Ad Editor Version 2.1 With Overview Page Design :
8:49 - Google Ads Diagnostic Insights Now On Overview Page :
9:14 - New Improved Google Ads Location Targeting Options :
9:51 - Microsoft Advertiser Gains Automatic Updates For Shopping Campaigns, Auto-Generated Remarketing Lists & More :
10:27 - Conclusion

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