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08.08.2022 RustyBrick Barry Schwartz Search Engine Roundtable

Sarah Burke On Data Analytics and Differences Between GA 4 & UA3 - Vlog Episode #184: Part One

Sarah Burke is the Data and Analytics Manager at Cypress North, she has been with the company for seven years, starting as a digital marketing manager. Prior to that, she worked for two years at LocalEdge.

We discussed some of the early SEO strategies used when she was doing SEO at her previous job. Her SEO job was pretty old, touchpoints, do specific tasks, and move on to the next site. She really didn’t see the whole picture of what was going on with the account and she wanted to see a larger picture. So when she came to Cypress North she was able to see more of the full view of the projects. Then Sarah moved into more of a data analytics role in the company.

We then reminisced about the old days of analytics, from printing out raw log files, then how Urchin (now Google Analytics) would process log files and now analytics does not look at log files but you add a snippet of code to track. Now we have Google Analytics 4 and its new way of tracking, which isn't good. But historically we have gone through big changes with analytics, so some of us are getting used to it.

We then spoke a bit more about the Google Analytics 4 change and how there is no way to migrate data over. We spoke also spoke about some alternatives to GA4. We spoke about the differences between Google Analytics 4 and Universal Analytics 3.

You can learn more about Sarah Burke on Twitter @DataBySarah or on LinkedIn.

Part two coming soon....

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