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29.12.2021 Google Search Central

Why we need to talk about web performance | SEOs & Devs: Harmony in Tech (episode 2)

Host Martin is joined by guest Bartosz Goralewicz CEO of Onely, a company catered to help websites with technical SEO. They discuss what happens when SEOs don’t consider everything about a project or product, an approach for SEOs to work well with web developers, the complexity of JavaScript, content marketing, web performance metrics, and more!

0:00 - Intro
1:13 - Do devs listen to SEOs recommendations?
2:10 - PDF audits
4:33 - Why do SEOs advise against JavaScript?
10:25 - Complexities and differences between technical SEO and content marketing
13:36 - Web performance metrics and reaching stakeholders needs and wants
17:38 - Meeting with stakeholders, finding problems, and SEOs listening to devs to find solutions
23:36 - Always ask questions
32:28 - The start of technical SEO and web developers working together

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