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26.08.2022 RustyBrick Barry Schwartz Search Engine Roundtable

Google Helpful Content Update Live, Search Console News, Google Ads Local Campaigns Auto-Upgrades

Google has begun rolling out the helpful content update on Thursday, August 25th. Many SEOs say they are not concerned about this update. Google also seemed to release some sort of update on August 24th. Google Search Console’s video indexing report is now live for all. Google said it will deprecate the international targeting report on September 22nd. Google has updated the core web vitals report to show URL level data for example URLs. Google’s API was not impacted by the Search Console indexing label bug. Google said the quality raters guidelines are not a collection of ranking tips. Google said don’t noindex pages with comments, instead make sure the comments are high quality. Google added content guidelines for the education Q&A structured data. Google added a “view all business profiles” link in web search. Google Discover now lets you hide content from a specific author. Google Ads is automatically upgrading some local campaigns to use performance max. Google Ads has no plans for new ad customizers using locations of responsive search ads. Google is testing a new local service ads user experience. Also, Google Local Service Ads is testing excluding areas. Google Maps is now notifying users when their reviews are not posted. That was this week in search all the way from Jerusalem on the Search Engine Roundtable.

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0:00 - Introduction
1:39 - Google Helpful Content Update Is Now Rolling Out :
2:22 - Poll: Many SEOs Say The Content They Produce Is Helpful & Not Concerned :
3:00 - Google Search Algorithm Update On August 24th But Was It The Helpful Content Update? :
3:16 - Google Search Console Video Index Report Now 100% Live :
3:30 - Google Deprecates International Targeting Report In Search Console :
3:42 - Google Core Web Vitals Report Adds URL Level Data For Examples URLs :
3:55 - Google: API Not Impacted By Search Console Indexing Label Bug :
4:12 - Google: Quality Raters Guidelines Are Not A Collection Of Ranking Tips :
4:23 - Google: Don't Noindex Pages With Comments, Keep The Good Comments Only :
4:38 - Google Adds Content Guidelines To Education Q&A Structured Data Docs :
4:47 - Google Adds "View All Business Profiles" In Web Search Results :
5:02 - Google Discover Also Let's You Hide Content From Authors :
5:17 - Google Ads Automatic Upgrades To Performance Max For Local Campaigns :
5:35 - Google Ads: No Plans For Ad Customizers Using Location For Responsive Search Ads :
5:42 - Google Tests New Local Service Ads UX :
5:53 - Google Local Service Ads To Allow You To Exclude Areas :
6:10 - Google Maps: Your Review Isn't Posted Email :
6:23 - Conclusion

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