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05.10.2022 Google Search Central

How I learned to debug troubled titles

Martin and guest Luke Davis, Technical SEO Specialist at Impression, discuss a case study where multiple pages showed duplicate titles, a problem when looking to optimize a website for search engines. Learn how Luke figured out it was a JavaScript rendering issue on the client-side as he shares what steps and tools he took to debug the SEO problem.

0:00 - Introduction
0:54 - Once upon a time, there were some troublesome titles
2:17 - Lighthouse to illuminate the problem
3:48 - Talking to your peers
5:49 - Working with developers
7:37 - Rendering options explained
10:02 - Rendering: Doing it right
12:12 - How to check if the fix works?
13:18 - Tools for troubleshooting
16:50 - Using the URL inspection tool
18:57 - Wrap up

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#SEO #debugging #titles

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