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18.04.2023 Google Search Central

Search Console data exports, status dashboard, and more! - Google Search News (April ‘23)

In this April episode of Google Search News, John Mueller talks about the latest news regarding new Search Console data exports, fresh Search guidelines, a status dashboard, and more.

Chapters and resources:
0:00 - Intro
0:36 - Data export
Bulk data export →
Exporting Search Console data to spreadsheet →
Monitoring Search Console data in Looker Studio →
1:42 - Search guidelines
Search's guidance about AI-generated content →
Ask yourself these questions when creating content →
3:24 - Status dashboard →
4:28 - Search Developer Documentations
Our latest update to the quality rater guidelines: →
What is canonicalization →
Visual Elements of Google Search →
Link best practices →
5:30 - Community
Women in Tech SEO →
5:56 - More news!
Updating Search Console users and permissions management →
Core Web Vitals recommendations for 2023 →
Learn Images! →
Learn Accessibility! →
SEO Fairy Tales:
Resolving rogue robots directives →
JavaScript page performance problems →
JavaScript product page problems →
Lightning talk: SEO troubleshooting with Browser Devtools →
SEO Office Hours: April →
Stay tuned for more information on in-person events!

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