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24.10.2022 RustyBrick Barry Schwartz Search Engine Roundtable

Greg Finn On Why Google Ads Will Decline

In part one, I do a lot of bantering with Greg Finn and talk about his history in the space and the growth of his agency, Cypress North. In part two we start to talk about his contributions to the industry, and then here in part three, we get into Google Ads.

Greg explained he loves Google Ads for what it used to be and what it can be but there is a misalignment in the short-term goals and he thinks it will lead to a major decline in Google Ads. He explained that the Google OKRs are short-term goals and there are no long-term results with it. He sees the changes Google is making are too focused on the short term, this quarter's results, and not the long term. Google’s earnings have been insane and he thinks it might result in long-term issues.

He said what Google is doing is you tell me your budget and then trust us, we will show your ads in the right place, not show you what keywords you are bidding on but trust us, we will spend your budget properly. If you are paying for specific search terms, you should be able to know what those terms are. In some cases, you can’t see 33% of where your ads are coming from and that is just insane.

Google is showing your ads in placements that you might not want to show up and then you will block and Google doesn’t want you to do it. So he thinks that is some of the reason behind the privacy changes. We debated about this a bit.

You can learn more about Greg Finn and follow him on Twitter @gregfinn.

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