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31.10.2022 RustyBrick Barry Schwartz Search Engine Roundtable

Rick Mariano On Providing High Volume Digital Marketing Services At Low Cost

Rick Mariano is the Vice President of Digital at Hearst and he runs LocalEdge, a local digital marketing agency for small businesses. They do high volume digital marketing services for low cost and less budget. He also runs another sub-agency that is more boutique style that does higher-budget marketing for fewer clients.

Rick explained the process of providing high-quality digital marketing services for lower cost is a huge challenge and something they are very good at. They have a pretty large agency that is able to do this at scale through many different strategies, as he explained. This includes partnering with other agencies and hiring smartly. Plus, having internal systems they built helps them scale without reducing quality.

He explained how Hearst has helped with the growth and the scale. I love how he shared some mistakes they made during the process of building the agencies.

You can follow Rick Mariano on LinkedIn and at LocalEdge.

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