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21.11.2022 RustyBrick Barry Schwartz Search Engine Roundtable

Jeremy Meindl On Manipulating Google Search & Never Being Caught

Jeremy Meindl is the co-founder of Target IQ and we spoke about the hotel we are in, its history of it, and the fire he risked his life showing how you cannot burn yourself. Jeremy spoke about his history in a super transparent way and how he got into spam and then became a professional digital marketer.

It was fun to talk about the early days of search marketing, how easy it was, how it was like legal hacking and you can do this with no budget. Jeremy said this is why he loves this space, the internet is the great equalizer, he said.

Although I think it is much harder to game the system now, Jeremy thinks otherwise. He said spamming and manipulation still work and are still not hard. One example he gave was Google Cache bombing, where he said a simple keyword search by the Google Cache IP and site command triggers better rankings. But he said this is not a long-term strategy and it won’t last.

Jeremy does enjoy experimenting like this but he also enjoys the more straightforward SEO, like correlation, entity tagging, etc. But he said at the end of the day, you are trying to game the algorithm and he said Google hates SEO (despite Google saying they do not).

But SEO is a cat-and-mouse game and he is brave enough to talk about this black or gray-hat SEO topic.

To be clear, he does not do black hat techniques for his big clients but understanding how to manipulate Google does help him better understand SEO in general. He explained you simply cannot do the same thing to win and beat your competitors, so you sometimes need to push the envelope.

But he is happy to report he was never caught, not yet at least, and has never been penalized.

You can learn more about Jeremy Meindl by Googling him.

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