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13.01.2023 RustyBrick Barry Schwartz Search Engine Roundtable

Google Helpful Content & Link Spam Updates, Linking To Sellers, AI Content & Apple Business Connect

This week, the December 2022 Google helpful content update and link spam updates are finally complete after a long, long wait. There was a lot of movement on Wednesday, January 11th or so. Google said rolling out algorithm updates are sometimes like planting seeds in a garden. Google said linking to multiple sellers may give you a small ranking boost with the product reviews update. Google reiterated its views of AI-generated content and how Google Search sees it. Google said again that traffic is not a measure of search quality. Google Search is testing instances in the search results. Google says writing SEO case studies are quite challenging. Google said to keep your HTML head section clean and without JavaScript. Google updated its site name documentation to clarify that m-dot and www are considered domain level. Google updated the list of Googlebot IP addresses. Google Business Profiles says you no longer can have price ranges for products, and custom call to actions are going away next month. Apple Business Profiles relaunched with new features that businesses should jump on now. Google Maps is testing 360 aerial views. Google Ads has an editing bug with a draft or experimental campaigns. Google Ads said performance max is not preferred over search campaigns. And dental practices can now use Local Service Ads. And if you want to help sponsor those vlogs, go to That was the search news this week at the Search Engine Roundtable.

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0:00 - Introduction
1:48 - Google's Helpful Content & Link Spam Updates Done Rolling Out On January 12th :
2:49 - Google: Helpful Content Update & Link Spam Update Can Take Another Week Or Two To Complete :
3:00 - Google Search Ranking Algorithm Update Kicking Off Or Tail-End To Helpful Content & Link Spam Updates? :
3:31 - Google: Rolling Out An Algorithm Update Is Like Planting Seeds In A Garden :
4:10 - Google: Linking To Multiple Providers In Product Reviews Might Give A Small Ranking Boost :
5:49 - Google Reiterates Guidelines On AI Written Content After Bankrate AI Content Writer Gains Attention :
7:44 - Google: Traffic Is Not A Measure Of Search Quality :
8:00 - Google Search Instances : For Recurring Events & Festivals :
8:26 - Google Says Writing SEO Case Studies Are Quite Challenging :
9:03 - Google: Keep Your HTML Head Section Clean :
9:45 - Google Site Name Documentation Clarifies M-Dot & WWW Are Considered Domain-Level :
9:56 - Google Updated The Googlebot's IP Addresses In JSON File :
10:16 - Google Business Profiles Products Price Ranges & Custom Call To Actions Going Away :
10:30 - Apple Business Connect: Manage Your Business On Apple Maps :
11:20 - Google Maps 360 View For Popular Business Profiles :
11:36 - Google Ads Editing Bug In Draft Or Experiment Campaigns :
11:57 - Google Ads: Performance Max Is Not Preferred Over Search :
12:17 - Dentists Now Can Use Google Local Service Ads :
12:31 - Conclusion

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