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06.09.2023 Google Search Central

English Google SEO office-hours from September 2023

This is an audio-only recording of the Google SEO office-hours from September 2023 - a transcript is available at

These sessions cover topics submitted around anything search and website-owner related like crawling, indexing, mobile sites, internationalization, duplicate content, Sitemaps, Search Console, pagination, duplicate content, multi-lingual/multi-regional sites, etc. The answers are compiled by the Google Search Relations team.

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0:00 - Introduction
0:30 - Is Google wrongly indexing the www version of my website?
1:31 - Why is filtered data higher than the overall data on Search Console?
3:17 - Why are the pages of my Google Sites website not being indexed properly?
4:25 - Our site has many buttons, when clicking on them they fetch links to other pages. Can Google crawl these links?
4:42 - Is a "guest post" (to gain a backlink) against Google's guidelines if I'm writing valuable content?
5:29 - Is content on an e-commerce category page valuable to improving overall rankings?
6:06 - Do incorrect semantic tags cause Google to have a poorer understanding of the website content?
8:00 - In GSC, the report for 404 pages has many URLs that appear to be from JSON or JavaScript. Should we ignore?
8:24 - Can sitemap index files have links to sitemap files on other domains?
9:32 - How does one reduce the likelihood of Google choosing their own meta-descriptions for websites?
9:57 - Is there a way to specify search engine bots not to crawl certain sections on a page?
11:15 - Do you recommend infinite scrolling on web pages? Are there any implications to the organic traffic/Googlebot?
11:37 - I have links shown on the mobile web version, but hidden on the desktop. Will Google de-value them?
12:15 - Does Google index PDF files that are saved to Google Drive that are not hosted on a website?
12:40 - How does Google crawl Scrolljacking content and will this approach to UX impact rankings?
13:47 - Why is the URL indexed, though blocked by robots.txt on my GSC?
14:36 - We have unwanted AI content! How can I fix or remove it from my website?
16:04 - We got a spike in indexed URLs from one day to another. What are the reasons?
16:24 - Can Google use multiple file sizes in one favicon file?
17:08 - Does Google judge parts of a website differently when a different CMS lies behind them?
17:19 - In Google Search, our website displays a PDF download as the main page. Can the search result be changed?
17:56 - When I search for my website on Google Search, the first result is a product page and not my welcome page. Why?
19:09 - I received a SC alert for improving INP issues. How do you calculate this and what’s the easiest fix?
20:00 - How do I remove 30K URLs from GSC from a Japanese keyword hack?
21:05 - Why are my pages getting de-indexed after submitting them for indexing in SC? I've done this multiple times now.
22:05 - Thanks for watching!

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