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23.07.2021 rustybrick

Google Shows Ranking Factors, Core Updates Impact PAAs, Redirected Signals Forever & AMP Icons Gone

Google is rolling out a feature to show in the about this result overlay why the company ranked that page for that query, it is pretty cool. John Mueller of Google confirmed that core updates can influence the people also ask (PAA) results in Google Search. Gary Illyes of Google said that if a redirect is in place for a year, the signals passed will remain forever, even after the redirect is removed. Google has finally dropped the AMP labels in the mobile search results. And a report shows that now 23% of the top stories carousel URLS are not AMP URLs, this is up from 12% a few weeks ago. The review snippets/stars are missing from the Google Search results for some reason. Daniel Waisberg from Google shared sketches of what different traffic drops look like in Google Search. Google tried hard to clarify the Google News inclusion process, but I think it failed. Google Shopping has new promotion and deal features and also new reporting. Alan Kent of Google also shared SEO best practices for deal and promotion pages. Google launched the SeekToAction markup for key moment videos in search. Google posted an updated search operators document that reveals the limitations these operators have. Google now supports math solver rich results in the performance report in Search Console. Google said that pages that say no results found can easily lead to soft 404s. Google AdSense launched new faster and better performing AdSense code. Google Ads has a new three strikes and you’re out policy. Google Maps launched a new more detailed restaurant review page. Google is testing a map on the right side of the local pack. Google redesigned the question hub. And so sad to report that we lost another SEO soul this past week, Bob Gladstein. That was this past week in search at the Search Engine Roundtable.

0:00 - Introduction
1:14 - Google Shows Which Ranking Factors Resulted In A Page Ranking :
3:04 - Google: Core Updates Can Impact People Also Ask (PAA) Results :
3:40 - Google: Redirects Signals Stick With Destination URL After A Year :
4:52 - Google Drops The AMP Label In The Mobile Search Results :
5:09 - Newzdash: 23% Of Google Top Stories URLs Are Not AMP :
5:34 - Google Review Snippets Missing From Search Results :
6:15 - Google Illustrates Causes For Various Organic Traffic Drops :
7:16 - Google Tries To Clarify Google News Inclusion But Did It Help? :
9:03 - Google Shopping Provides New Promotion & Deals Features :
9:34 - Google Provides SEO Best Practices For Deal Pages :
10:03 - Google Search Key Moments Videos Support SeekToAction Markup :
10:48 - Google Posts On Search Operators Limitations Including Google's Retrieval Limits :
11:36 - Google Math Solvers Rich Results Added To Performance Report Search Appearance Filters :
12:03 - No Results Found Response Can Lead To Soft 404s In Google Search Console :
12:33 - New Faster Google AdSense Embed Code :
13:02 - New Google Ads Three Strikes And You're Out Policy :
13:51 - Google Maps Launches New Detailed Restaurant Reviews :
14:15 - Google Tests The Local Pack With Map Placed On Right Side :
14:24 - Google Question Hub Redesign & Features :
14:35 - The Industry Mourns The Loss Of Bob Gladstein - Intelligent & Humble SEO :
15:06 - Conclusion

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