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20.09.2021 rustybrick

Dan Shure On Featured Snippets & Buying Sites For SEO - Vlog #138

In part one, Dan Shure and I spoke about Google core update and in part two we spoke about using buyer guides for SEO. In part three, we dive into featured snippets and buying websites for SEO.

(0:32) Google Featured Snippets:

Dan Shure didn’t mean he thinks featured snippets will go away but he does believe they are fleeting. The featured snippets come and go and you have very little control over them. Google wants us to build a ton of content but then Google only shows in Google Search only what the user wants to read, which is a couple of years. Then we get into the zero click thing a bit and how to analyze that and should we really be concerned.

(3:01) Buying Website for SEO:

Historically, back when we had the Google Sandbox, the strategy was to buy a website. He notes some examples of companies buying other websites for their content. You buy a new site, and then you see a hockey stick traffic curve for that site. He said you can buy a site, migrate that site into your existing site and it pools more authority into your site. You are buying the content and the link authority from that site. Sometimes you might want to keep the site where it is but improve it. There are a lot of things you can try when you buy a site. There is a lot options here and he will be sharing what he learns about this.

YouTube Subscribers:

We go off on a bit on a tangent on YouTube subscribers and how I am a failure with my subscriber numbers. :)

Learn more about Dan Shure at Evolving SEO.

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