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06.04.2022 Ahrefs

Copy MacRumor’s $7.8M Dollar Link Building Strategy

In this video, we uncover Macrumors’ $7.8 million dollar link building strategy and the 3 key principles that can turn content into link magnets.

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Macrumors has over 190,000 referring domains and gets around 10 million monthly search visits. And a large part of these results is because of their brilliant link building strategy.

They created a reviews subfolder which gets them over a half of their organic traffic. But writing a detailed review on a product isn’t enough to get a ton of links. So how does Macrumors get them?

Here are the three core principles of Macrumor’s link earning strategy:

► Scarcity;
► Audience amplification:
► Speed of delivery.

We are going to break down their strategy for building links in this video.

We will also go through a couple of examples on how others are using these principles and how you can implement them to earn backlinks to your site.

Watch the video to learn more.


0:00 Intro
4:36 Core principles of Macrumors link earning strategy
5:08 Create a changelog of industry updates
6:55 Monitor and report on changes in notable companies

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