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05.08.2022 RustyBrick Barry Schwartz Search Engine Roundtable

Google Product Reviews Update Done, Blogger SEO Best Practices, Mobile-First Indexing, SEO Rants

Shockingly, Google finished rolling out the Google product reviews update on August 2nd and didn’t even tell us on social. We are seeing some volatility and fluctuations in Google Search maybe due to the Google Product Reviews update starting late last Friday and the tools noticed it on Wednesday but that was after it was done rolling out. Google added new links to content guidelines, one of those guidelines was for best SEO practices for bloggers which was later removed. Google is still moving sites over to mobile-first indexing, over 5 and a half years later. Google Search Console temporarily suspended the validate fix feature during some classification changes. John Mueller from Google had a beautiful SEO rant, which some might not like. Google changed how it shows snippets for search results with quoted text. Google is testing “perspectives” in the search results. Google is testing site name and favicons for image results in web search. Google is loading a new people also ask in the footer. Google is also showing the view in 3D for some products again. Google Business Profiles is testing expandable menu for editing your listing. Google added Asian-owned attributes for Google Business Profiles. Discovery Ads now work with Google Ads Editor and Api and more.. Google has a new tag, called the Google Tag. Microsoft Advertising released a boat load of features including rolling out automative ads, new ad formats, more bidding options and more. Google’s secret algorithm may be exposed to Rumble due to a legal ruling. That was this past week in search at the Search Engine Roundtable.

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0:00 - Introduction
1:13 - July 2022 Google Product Reviews Update Finished On August 2nd & No One Said Anything :
2:26 - July 2022 Google Product Reviews Update Kicked In Friday Afternoon :
3:37 - Tracking Tools Now Picking Up On The July 2022 Google Product Reviews Update Volatility? :
3:54 - Google Adds Content Guidelines Links For Bloggers, Hosts, E-Commerce Sites & More :
4:48 - Five Years Later: Sites Still Being Migrated To Google's Mobile First Indexing :
5:34 - Google Search Console Validate Fix For Coverage Report Not Working Right Now :
6:18 - John Mueller Beautiful SEO Rant On Doing Versus Reading :
8:48 - Google Updates Searches With Quotes To Show Location Of Page That Contains Quoted Words :
9:11 - Google Perspectives Search Results :
9:48 - Google Tests Site Name & Favicon On Image Results Within Web Search :
10:04 - Google Loading A New People Also Ask In The Footer Section Of Search :
10:24 - Google Search View In 3D For Some Wayfair Listings :
10:46 - Google Business Profile Tests Expandable Menu In Web Search :
11:20 - Google Adds Asian Owned Business Attribute For Business Profiles :
11:49 - Google Ads Editor & API Now Support Discovery Ads, Plus New Audience Insights :
12:10 - Google Business Listings Test Photo Overlay Interface In Web Search :
12:32 - Google Tag - A New Version :
12:54 - Microsoft Advertising Rolls Out Automotive Ads, New Ad Formats, More Bidding Options, Plus More :
13:35 - Legal Ruling May Allow Rumble To See Some Of Google's Secret Ranking Algorithms :
13:56 - Conclusion

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