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15.11.2022 Google Search Central

How Alamy’s website migrated to React

Welcome to another episode of SEO Fairytales. In this episode, Martin Splitt and Roxana Stingu, Head of Search & SEO Alamy, chat in-depth about technical SEO, specifically about how Alamy is moving their website to React. Roxane gives a detailed overview of their process of migrating their website to this new platform. Did they use SSR or CSR? What problems did they encounter? How did they resolve them? Watch this episode to find out!

0:00 - Introduction
0:57 - How Alamy is migrating their website
1:54 - Choosing between SSR or CSR
3:51 - How Alamy tested their website
4:35 - Differences between the website and crawler
5:43 - How pagination was dependent on cookies
6:50 - The results from screaming frog
9:13 - How did the team fix these issues?
9:44 - Recap of the problem and resolution

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