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22.09.2023 RustyBrick Barry Schwartz Search Engine Roundtable

Google Helpful Content Update Hits, New In Bard, Bing Webmaster Tools Updates & Quality In Search

Google’s helpful content update is still rolling out, and the SEO chatter is super heated this week, with tons of sites reporting huge drops. But the Google tracking tools are not showing heated weather, in fact, they are super calm. Google clarified that the helpful content update does not yet demote hosted third-party content. Google Bard added a bunch of features, including the ability for Google Search to double-check the answers. Google said quality affects every system in search and then dug into quality of old large sites. Google’s John Mueller said a compilation of ChatGPT output is not unique content. Google had some more issues with site names, this time in the Google News tab. Bing announced big updates to the Bing Webmaster Tools performance report, but Bing did not break out Bing Chat data there. Bing Webmaster Tools sitemap index coverage report is fully live. Bing is dropping the disavow link tool. Bing Chat is rolling out personalized answers, what we’ve been calling memory. Bing Search shows recent Bing Chat topics at the top of some searches. Google raised its ad prices to reach revenue goals. Google expanded its access to its AI tools. Google Ads has a new indicator for limited by bid strategy. Google Ads caused confusion during a migration of mapping data from UA3 to GA4. Google Maps updated its fake engagement and personal information user-contribute and much more...

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0:00 - Introduction
1:02 - Google September 2023 Helpful Content Update Current Impact & Volatility :
3:05 - Theories On Why The Google Tracking Tools Show Calm Volatility & Weather :
4:47 - Google's Helpful Content Update Doesn't Target Third-Party Hosted Content Yet :
5:50 - Google Search Can Now Check Bard's Answers :
7:22 - Google: Quality Affects Everything In Google's Search Systems But What About Large Old Sites :
8:26 - Google: Compilation Of ChatGPT Output Is Not Unique Content :
8:40 - Google Site Names Issues Continue For News Tab? :
9:00 - Bing Webmaster Tools Performance Report Update Gets New Data But Bing Chat Data Hidden :
10:23 - Bing Webmaster Tools To Remove Disavow Links Tool :
10:54 - Bing Webmaster Tools Sitemap Index Coverage Is Fully Live :
11:22 - Bing Chat Personalized Answers - aka Memory
11:48 - Bing Search Showing Recent Bing Chat Topics :
12:09 - Google Raised Ad Prices To Hit Revenue Goals, Google Executive Said :
12:55 - Google Expands AI Tools For Search Ads :
13:50 - New: Google Ads Indicator "Limited By Bid Strategy" :
14:16 - Google Ads UA3 To Google Analytics 4 Conversion Mapping Causes Confusion :
15:23 - Google Maps User Contributed Policy Fake Engagement & Personal Information Updated :
15:48 - Google Tests Blue Highlighting Text Within Search Result Snippets :
16:02 - Google Search Tests European Union Energy Labels On Products :
16:18 - Bing Tests Lock Icon In Search Results For Secure Websites :
16:28 - Google AdSense Gains Real Time Verification & Meta Tag Verification :
16:55 - Yusuf Mehdi & Mikhail Parakhin New Roles At Microsoft With Panos Panay's Departure :
17:26 - Conclusion

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