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10.07.2023 RustyBrick Barry Schwartz Search Engine Roundtable

Matt Abbagnaro On PPC Client Services & Business Development

In part one, we learned about Matt Abbagnaro and also about his experience with Performance Max Google Ads campaign. In part two, we moved on to talking about client services and he spoke about Kirk Williams (aka @PPCKirk) book, Stop the Scale.

He said it is all about client service work and giving the best to your clients first, as opposed to just growing your business as quickly as possible. He said a lot of these companies are really good at sales but have not mastered their service.

I told him that I agree about doing what is best for your customers is important, more than just growing your business. But I do give credit to those agencies that can scale and grow quickly. So I see both sides of the coin, and you got to do what you are good at for your business and clients.

So we talked about the two different types of business strategies and to each their own.

He personally spends more time doing the work, fulfillment, than doing sales and business development. He does cold emails, Instagram and DMs people to find new clients. He recommends Instagram voice messages and I told him I find the video messages are creepy to me. But he said it works for him but it is a numbers game.

Then the bell rang and we had to end the interview!

You can learn more about Matt Abbagnaro on Twitter @TheRealLilStain and on LinkedIn.

0:00 - Matt Abbagnaro from Search Engineers
0:18 - Kirk Williams Stop The Scale
6:15 - PPC Fulfillment vs Business Development
7:35 - Outreach for PPC Client Acquisition
10:00 - Matt Abbagnaro from Search Engineers (@TheRealLilStain)

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