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28.05.2021 rustybrick

Search May Updates, Featured Snippet Testing, Fewer Manual Actions & Google Ads News

This week, we reported on another Google Search algorithm update, but only one, it was on May 22nd and it seemed really big. Google did not release a broad core update in 2021, but it will announce a future update when it is ready. Google mobile first indexing is still not fully done yet, 4.5 years later. Google is testing a “also covered on this page” section in the featured snippets. Google is also testing a “hear this out loud” button on featured snippets, I think in India. Google is testing expandable more specific searches box. Google said they sent 2.9 million manual actions in 2020, which was down from previous years. Google won’t share how the page experience update core web vital metrics add up for a ranking factor. Google said you can redirect your core web vital scores to another page. Google said creating unrelated content for link building is a wasted opportunity. Google Search Console dropped the generic rich results type filter in the performance report but added a new rich result type for practice problems. Google released another outstanding Search Off the Record podcast. Martin Splitt from Google said that his team really does not have access to ranking factor details. A poll showed that most of your SEO recommendations do not get implemented. 40% of SEOs said they would remove AMP after the page experience update. Google released a boat load of Google Ads features and news, I summed it up. Ginny Marvin now manages the @AdsLiasion account on Twitter for Google Ads. And I switched my newsletter to a custom build platform, subscribe and let know if you have issues.

0:00 - Introduction
0:53 - May 22nd Google Algorithm Update Is Off The Charts :
2:10 - 6 Months Since The Last Google Core Update, Google Will Announce When A New Update Is Released :
2:44 - Google Mobile First Indexing Still Not 100% Yet :
3:45 - Google Featured Snippets Tests Also Covered On This Page Links :
4:51 - Google Search Results With Hear This Out Loud Button :
5:15 - Google Tests Expandable More Specific Searches :
5:32 - Google Sent 2.9 Million Manual Webspam Actions In 2020; Less Than Previous Years :
6:51 - Google Won't Share How Core Web Vitals Ranking Metrics Add Up :
7:26 - Google: Redirecting A URL To A New URL Will Redirect The Core Web Vital Metrics :
8:02 - Google: Creating Unrelated Content To Build Links Is A "Wasted Opportunity" :
9:02 - Google Search Console Performance Report To Drop Rich Result Type :
10:00 - Practice Problems Search Appearance Filters Now Available In Search Console Performance Report :
10:24 - Google Podcast: Deeper Insight Into Serving & More Fun Tidbits :
11:05 - Google Search Advocates Aren't Suppose To Know About Ranking Anymore :
12:24 - Poll: 56% Of SEOs Say Fewer Than 40% Of Their SEO Recommendations Are Implemented :
13:02 - Poll: 40% Of SEOs Will Remove AMP After The Google Page Experience Update :
13:30 - New From Google Marketing Live: Hotel Ads, Local Ad Campaigns, Product Feeds, Customer Match & More :
15:31 - Ginny Marvin Now Offering Google Ads Help @AdsLiaison On Twitter :
15:45 - Email Newsletter Update: Google Feedburner Is Out :
16:59 - Conclusion

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