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13.09.2023 Google Search Central

Right to be forgotten interactive video game: Round 2 - Dr. Hall and Tina

Want to know more about what a Google reviewer looks at when assessing a Right to Be Forgotten request? Put yourself in the reviewer's shoes and play this interactive game!

If you haven't already, don't forget to check out round 1 -

Round 2 - help the reviewer decide whether to accept or decline the Google Search removal requests of Dr. Hall and Tina.

Answer each scenario, by pressing your keyboard number keys.
For mobile and tablet users, play by clicking on the timestamp in the description below.

For the best experience, play using a computer keyboard.
This game does not work on a smart TV device.

0:00 - Intro
1:30 - Keyboard 1
3:00 - Keyboard 2
4:30 - Keyboard 3: Question 2
6:00 - Keyboard 4
7:30 - Keyboard 5
9:00 - Keyboard 6: Question 3
10:30 - Keyboard 7
12:00 - Keyboard 8
13:30 - Keyboard 9: Summary

Right to be forgotten overview →
Visit the Legal Center for more information →

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