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28.06.2021 rustybrick

Mad Mango On Local SEO For Trade Businesses

My first inside meeting since COVID made us close the office in March 2019 was with the Mad Mango team; Aaron Uscilla and Robert DeFeo. These two young entrepreneurs were super fun to talk to, their energy, passion and desire to grow was very inspirational. We spoke about how the two started their company, starting with a small kayaking business and growing it into Mad Mango Marketing. They felt mad mango was a great name for the company and a little bit about why they selected that name.

The team focuses a lot of local businesses, a lot of trade service businesses like HVACs, plumbers, electricians, and businesses that depend on Google My Business, local reviews are important and so on. They explained that for trade businesses, a lot of these smaller businesses are not willing to ask customers for reviews, so they need to come up with clever ways to encourage them to ask customers for reviews.

Backlinks is important for local SEO but more specifically getting links from local businesses. They gave a bunch of tips from working with trade schools, reaching out to organizations and much more. These business owners also often do have websites but they are super outdated or they don’t know how to update it or access the server. They also try hard to get them to create content through video content because they simply do not have the time of writing content. But what you can do is record them, they love to show you how to fix things and you can transcribe those videos and publish both.

5:00 - SEO for Trade Businesses - It’s A Lot Of Local SEO
10:12 - How To & Do It Yourself Video Content
13:58 - HARO (Help a Reporter Out)

To learn more about Robert and Aaron and their company, check out Mad Mango Marketing

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