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09.06.2023 RustyBrick Barry Schwartz Search Engine Roundtable

Google Search Ranking Update, Google Ads Trademark Policy Change, SGE 2X Faster & Tons Of SEO Topics

This week we had yet another unconfirmed Google search ranking update in the middle of the week. The Google Search Generative Experience AI snapshot answers are now twice as fast. Most SEOs seem unimpressed by the new Google Search Generative Experience. Google News Showcase is coming to the US, finally. Plus, the Google News app has a new follow tab, and Reader Revenue Manager is adding a survey option. Google said videos do not need to be in the first element, but they do need to be in the user's face for it to get video thumbnails in the search results. Google said don’t pick cheap domains on TLDs overrun by spam. Google said there is no such thing as index bloat. Google said having multiple navigations has no impact on your SEO performance. Google said you might want to consolidate pages that are shown as host groups in search,. Google Ads had a major outage this week for a few hours. Google Ads trademark policy is changing, and now they will only do specific advertiser requests, not industry-wide. Google Ads can now sync columns and segments across MCC accounts. Google Ads API version 14 is out. Bing is testing side labels in the search results. Google Business Profiles can now display longer-form video. Google Bard is better at math and coding logic, plus you can export tables to Google Sheets. Bing Chat increased limits, added more visuals for travel, and expanded Bing Image Creator but had to temporarily disable sharing chats. Google is working on bringing an AdSense connector to GA4. And if you want to help sponsor those vlogs, go to That was the search news this week at the Search Engine Roundtable.

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0:00 - Introduction
1:19 - Google Search Algorithm Ranking Update Volatility Around June 6th :
2:12 - Google Search Generative Experience Gets Quality Updates & Major Speed Boost :
2:57 - Survey: Most SEOs Not Too Impressed With New Google Search Generative Experience :
3:25 - US To Get Google News Showcase & Updated Google News Follow Tab :
4:21 - Google: Video Doesn't Have To Be First Element But Should Be In Your Face :
5:03 - Google: Don't Pick Cheap Domain On TLDs Overrun With Spam :
5:20 - Google: Index Bloat - No Such Thing :
5:40 - Google: Multiple Navigation Menus Has No Impact On Your SEO Performance :
5:55 - Google: You May Want To Consolidate Pages That Show Indented In Google Search :
6:51 - Google Ads Advertiser Console Currently Down (Now Back) :
7:17 - Google Ads Industry Wide Blocks For Trademarks Going Away July 24 :
8:27 - Google Ads With Sync Columns & Segments Across MCC Accounts :
8:44 - Google Ads API Version 14 Now Available :
9:02 - Bing Tests Search Result Listing Side Labels :
9:23 - Google Business Profiles Now Display Long Form Videos :
9:45 - Google Bard With Implicit Code Execution & Export Tables To Sheets :
10:09 - Bing Chat Increased Limits, Added More Travel Visuals & Expanded Bing Image Creator :
10:25 - Bing Chat Temporarily Disables Share Chat Button :
10:36 - Google Working On AdSense & Google Analytics 4 Link :
10:59 - Conclusion

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