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29.03.2023 Ahrefs

Planning your Affiliate Site’s Homepage and Navigation [3.4]

In this video, you’ll learn how to set up your affiliate marketing site’s homepage and navigation menu to maximize organic traffic and affiliate commissions.

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Regardless of the website’s type, its homepage serves three main purposes:

► communicating what your brand or company does;
► leading people toward a conversion goal;
► helping rank important pages higher in Google.

You’ll learn how to do all 3 things in the video.

The next thing to consider when planning your affiliate marketing site is setting up its navigation menu.

The website’s navigation menu should serve two primary purposes:

► provide a smooth user experience for visitors;
► make it easy for search engines to access your content.

This means your navigation menu should make it easy for search engines to find content on your site by “following” links from one page to another.

Watch the video to learn more about how it works and what your steps should be to improve your website's navigation menu.

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