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03.06.2022 RustyBrick Barry Schwartz Search Engine Roundtable

Google Core Update, Nofollow Links, Rich Results & Apple Search Rumors

This week, we dove more into the Google May 2022 broad core update, stories of those hit, how Google looks at the data prior to the rollout and more. Google also hinted that useful nofollow links, despite the policy change in 2019, still don’t count for much of anything. Google suspended the job training rich results in search. Google launched new learning video rich results in search. Google added new best practices for author markup in the article structured data. Google News performance reports had a data logging issue for two weeks. Google posted a video on why the Search Console graphs fluctuate. Yoast SEO Premium will be adding IndexNow support, which is a bit surprising but I think it is a good thing. Google Ads that are under review will not trigger displaying those ads anymore. Google AdWords API error rates have begun and will be at 100% in the next couple of months. Google Shopping results now seem to be showing loyalty programs, at least for Target. Google AdSense will begin testing the Topics API for serving ads on July 1st. And Robert Scoble started a rumor that Apple will announce a new Apple Search engine at the WWDC event on Monday. Speaking of Monday, I am going to be offline for a holiday - so anything posted will be scheduled and I will catch up late Monday night. That was this past week in search at the Search Engine Roundtable.

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0:00 - Introduction
0:55 - The SEO Impact Of The Google May 2022 Broad Core Update :
1:53 - Google Core Updates Uses Data Before Launch But May Update Data Between Launches :
3:41 - Google Hints Useful Nofollow Links Won't Pass Much Or Any Weight :
5:09 - Google Suspends Job Training Rich Results :
5:46 - New Google Search Learning Video Rich Results :
6:29 - New Google Author Markup Best Practices For Article Structured Data :
7:00 - Google News Performance Report Reporting Issue (May 12 - May 26) :
7:25 - Google Video On Why Search Console Graphs Fluctuate :
8:00 - IndexNow Coming To Yoast SEO Premium :
8:42 - Google Ads Under Review Status Now Won't Trigger Ads :
9:07 - Google AdWords API Error Rates Begins June 1st :
9:36 - Google Shopping Ads Loyalty Program Feature Live? :
10:11 - Google AdSense To Test Chrome's Topics API Starting July 1st :
10:30 - Rumor: Apple To Announce New Search Engine Next Week :
11:22 - Conclusion

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