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22.08.2022 RustyBrick Barry Schwartz Search Engine Roundtable

Jill Fecher On Creating Your Own Job Description At A Digital Marketing Agency

Jill Fecher is the Chief Growth Officer at Cypress North and we spoke about her work history and her previous experience in traditional media. We spoke about how she joined Cypress North and why she joined that company. She loves how working in a smaller company is easier to make quicker moves and be more nimble.

She joined Cypress North in a position the company originally did not have and she explained how she joined the company and made her own job description. She makes decisions with the owners and they are able to “try things and see what works”, Jill said.

We then spoke about if having titles in small agencies is important or not. She made some really good points about why titles are important at Cypress North. Company culture is important to not get in the way of employee titles. He gave examples of how the owners to the normal staff do all sorts of jobs, from taking out the trash, to building desks or chairs on a Friday night. Some of you may notice that in my Search Engine Land newsletter intros, I make up a unique title for myself when I sign my name.

Part two coming soon to a podcast near you...

You can learn more about Jill Fecher at Cypress North or on LinkedIn and subscribe to the Cypress North YouTube channel.

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