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03.01.2022 RustyBrick Barry Schwartz Search Engine Roundtable

Colt Sliva On Going Beyond Frequency Statistics In SEO - #153

In part one, we spoke about how Colt Sliva became an SEO engineer and some topics around visualizing search graphs. In part two we spoke more about entities, python for SEO and winning over developers. Now in part three we get into frequency statistics, improving on those models and doing proper A/B testing in SEO. Frequency statistics In the frequency of an event i is the number n_{i} of times the observation occurred/recorded in an experiment or study.

Frequency statistics was cheap, fast and easy to compute and that is why we used it in the old days. But we have faster computers, we are smarter, we should be using more advanced methods to predict changes and their benefit through machine learning and AI based methods.

So he is hopeful for SEOs using more sophisticated methods. It is harder for smaller SEO consultants or even smaller websites, sites with very limited traffic.

The big question does the new more advanced models work better than the cheaper method of frequency statistics? It is unclear right now.

I did bring up at the end that the keyword planner tool added trending data, with details, it is worth checking out if you didn’t see it.

iPullRank is hiring, so if you are looking for a job, hit them up.

You can learn more about Colt Sliva @SignorColt.

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