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20.06.2022 RustyBrick Barry Schwartz Search Engine Roundtable

Alcides Aguasvivas On Proper Infrastructure For Sites To Perform Well In Search

In part one, Alcides Aguasvivas is a co-founder of Pix-l Graphx spoke to me about how he started him firm 18 years ago while in college. In part two we spoke about local SEO for small businesses. In part three we talk about site development and the importance of solid site infrastructure.

Alcides said so many people do not understand that your site’s infrastructure is fundamental to how search engines work - how they crawl and understand your site. It is not just about some content and links but it is also about how your site is technically built.

He said he had a client he did an audit on and there was a development web site getting half of the traffic. He said it is not just about that, but also looking at:

- Schema
- XML Sitemaps
- Images SEO
- Page Speed
- Site Architecture
- Links

We also spoke about the medic update and how that impact, in a positive way, his clients back in 2018/2019.

We ended off talking about why he named his company the way he spelled it and the issues he has with it being spelled that way.

You can learn more about Alcides Aguasvivas at his website Pix-l Graphx.

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