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05.07.2022 RustyBrick Barry Schwartz Search Engine Roundtable

Jaimie Clark and Jon Clark: Razorfish to New York Time’s Wirecutter & Centerfield & Microsoft & NBC

Jaimie and Jon Clark came for a visit and we all spoke SEO and a lot more. Jaimie Clark is the VP of SEO at Centerfield, she was previously the Head of SEO at Wirecutter, a New York Times company. Jon Clark runs his own firm, Moving Traffic Media and was previously an SEO at some large companies. In part one, I pinned Jaimie versus Jon in an SEO challenge - guess who won...

Jaimie and Jon met while doing SEO at Razorfish, so they are one of the few SEOs that met while on the job. Jaimie left that position after doing agency work for five years and was happy to go in-house. Jaimie spoke about the pros and cons of in-house versus agency SEO work. We also spoke about my old buddy Chris Boggs, who was leading up SEO at Rosetta when she worked there in 2009, then she worked at Reprise and then at Razorfish and then moved to the New York Times. She worked at New York Times and with the Wirecutter there, and the Wirecutter is like an SEO success story. We spoke about that site for a bit and the back story, which is probably interesting for most of you. And now she is a Vice President of SEO at Centerfield and she dropped the name Brock Boser, who I worked with maybe 20 years ago.

We then dug into Jon Clark’s career, he started back in 2005 at a company named HydroWorx stuffing envelopes and mailing out promotion campaigns but the CEO told him to do some search ads and he jumped on it and did PPC back in the super early days of paid search. He then worked at Microsoft, as an account manager, getting customers to spend money on their search ads, this was prior to 2010. He was there when Microsoft was transitioning to Bing, which was an interesting time back then, he explained. He also started doing freelance work for a while during his career during all of this. He then joined Razorfish and was there five years before joining NBC Universal. And then eventually he started his own firm Moving Traffic Media with a partner of his.

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