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24.07.2023 RustyBrick Barry Schwartz Search Engine Roundtable

Fabrice Canel On Generative AI Content & IndexNow

In part one, we learned more about Fabrice Canel of Microsoft Bing and spoke about indexing quality. In part two we dig more into of the concern around content generation through generative AI tools and IndexNow. We now have 70 billion URLs per day that Bing processes, will that grow to twice or three times as much with these tools?

0:00 - Fabrice Canel from Microsoft
0:20 - Bing On AI Generated Content
1:44 - New Search Queries Never Seen Before
2:14 - IndexNow
6:10 - Bing URL Submission
6:30 - Content Submission API
7:18 - Spammers With IndexNow & Bing
8:41 - Bing Webmaster Tools
9:00 - Number Of Unique Sites On The Web

Fabrice said they are laser-focused on satisfying the Bing searcher. So if the Bing user loves the AI content, then it is okay. Years ago, was the top fifth property on the internet, but that is no longer the case, new sites came out and replaced it. It is all about what users want and Bing will follow and anticipate those needs.

He is seeing a lot of new content on the internet on the web these days plus even more misspellings.

Two years ago, Microsoft started to push for IndexNow and they have seen a lot of adoption. IndexNow is a protocol to inform search engines of the latest changes on your web site, through a ping solution. We reported on this a lot here, and will continue to do so. IndexNow is even more needed during the times of generative AI, he said.

We then briefly spoke about the Bing URL submission API and also the content submission API, but he still recommends using IndexNow over those but they both work. Spam is still an issue for Bing, he said the biggest challenge is when a site is hacked and that can cause issues.

IndexNow has more than 20 million unique sites and 2 billion URLs per day processed through the protocol. It will grow a lot more in the next several months, Fabrice said.

You can follow Fabrice Canel on Twitter @facan or on LinkedIn.

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