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20.01.2023 RustyBrick Barry Schwartz Search Engine Roundtable

Two Google Unconfirmed Updates, Performance Max Experiments & Search Console Data Change

This week we had two unconfirmed updates from Google rollout after the helpful content, and link spam update finished. Google said quality updates could impact crawling and indexing. Google Search Console updated the performance report for product tracking. Google also updated the video indexing report for better error reporting. Google will ignore robots.txt rules if they are served with a 4xx status code. Google said publishing frequency doesn’t make something spam. Google’s John Mueller spoke more about the head section. Google will not make changes to the quote for request indexing in Search Console. Google Ads is rolling out Performance Max experiments. Google Business Profiles is testing adding more details to attributes in local. Google Business Profiles has an image server bug. Google Search is testing moving the order online button to the top. Google has a check local wait times button. Google discontinued Google Posts insights. Google Maps has new posting restrictions for user-generated content. Microsoft Bing is testing topics in the search bar. Google Search dropped podcast snippets in list view. Google Search is testing perspectives and opinions. Plus, Google announced massive layoffs as I was recording - 6% of their workforce. And if you want to help sponsor those vlogs, go to That was the search news this week at the Search Engine Roundtable.

SPONSOR: Wix - I just love what they are doing with SEO, from the Wix SEO Content Hub to the SERPsUp podcast, let alone all the new SEO features they added to the Wix platform.

0:00 - Introduction
0:50 - Google Search Ranking Algorithm Update On Wednesday? :
1:08 - Weekend Google Search Ranking Algorithm Update - Saturday, January 14 :
1:41 - Google: Google Quality Updates Can Impact Crawling & Indexing :
2:05 - Google Search Console Search Performance Product Results Clicks & Impressions Spike :
2:56 - Google Search Console Video Indexing Report Improves Thumbnail Indexing Issues :
3:37 - Google Will Ignore Robots.txt Rules If It Serves A 4xx Status Code :
3:59 - Google: Publishing Frequency Does Not Make Something Spam :
4:14 - Google's John Mueller: More About Head Section & JavaScript :
4:42 - Google Unlikely To Increase Request Indexing Quota In Search Console :
5:14 - Google Ads Rolling Out Performance Max Experiments :
5:32 - Google Business Profiles Attribute Details Beta :
6:05 - Google Business Profile Image Server Rejected Upload Bug :
6:20 - Google Search Tests Order Online Button At Top Of Snippet :
6:44 - Google Local Check Wait Time Button :
7:13 - Google Discontinues Google Posts Insights :
7:40 - New Google Maps Posting Restrictions For User Generated Content (Reviews, Photos & Videos) :
8:11 - Microsoft Bing Tests Topics Search Bar Refinements Like Google :
8:29 - Google Search Drops Playable Podcast Rich Snippets :
9:00 - Google Search Perspectives & Opinions :
9:22 - Google laying off 6% of their workforce
9:50 - Conclusion

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