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25.06.2021 rustybrick

Google Search Spam Update, Ranking Fluctuations, Non AMP In Top Stories & Merchant Center Policy

Google released yet another confirmed Google Search update it called a “Spam Update” on June 23rd. This past weekend we saw more of the same ranking fluctuations in Google Search. Do you think Google doesn’t confirm some updates because they worry about webmaster, site owner anxiety? Google said again that it can take several months for Google to reprocess and reevaluate sites after a quality update. Google is now showing non-AMP pages in its top stories carousel. Google has one place for all its Google Search content policies now. Google again said it does not use sentiment for search ranking purposes. Google does not have a notion of page authority, according to John Mueller. Google updated its robots.txt and structured data docs with tons of changes. Google Merchant Center has a new policy that says you can’t say a product is available on the product page and then not available in the cart. Google has a new feature to warn searchers when the results may be unreliable because the topic is new and changing fast. Google News is testing a country filter. Google is also testing brand refinement filters refinements. Google is testing in the local page local pack section refinement buttons that toggle the query. Google My Business is testing new reports for rush hours and more about your business. Google My Business posted a message that the reports may be delayed. Google Ads might not know your quality score metrics in some cases. Google has delayed blocking third party cookies and paused FLoC testing. And a poll n where SEOs go for help when they don’t know the answer.

0:00 - Introduction
1:10 - Confirmed Google Search Spam Algorithm Update On June 23rd :
2:53 - Recent Google Search Ranking Fluctuations :
3:16 - Google Does Not Confirm More Updates To Reduce Fear, Worry & Anxiety? :
4:58 - Google: Quality Changes Take Several Months To Be Reprocessed & Reevaluated :
5:27 - Google Begins Showing Non AMP Pages In Top Stories Carousel :
6:02 - All Of Google Search Content Policies In One Place :
6:36 - Again, Google Does Not Use Sentiment For Ranking Purposes :
6:50 - Google: We Don't Have A Notion Of Page Authority :
7:28 - Google Updates Search Help Docs For Robots.txt & Structured Data :
7:47 - Google Merchant Center Inaccurate Availability Enforcement :
8:33 - Google Search Notice For Unreliable Search Results For Quickly Changing Results :
9:14 - Google News Tests Country Filter :
9:33 - Google Tests Search Refinement With Brand Filters :
9:58 - Google Local Pack Sections Buttons Triggers Query Refinements :
10:34 - Google My Business Rush Hours & About Your Company Reports :
11:09 - Google My Business Insights Data May Be Delayed :
11:30 - When Google Ads Might Not Show Quality Score Metrics :
12:05 - Google Delays Plans To Block Cookies Through 2023 & Pauses FLoC :
12:38 - Where SEOs Go For Help: Forums, Twitter, Reddit & More :
13:10 - Conclusion

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