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21.03.2022 RustyBrick Barry Schwartz Search Engine Roundtable

David Melamed On Search Spam’s Long Term Search Success & Can Others Compete With Google - Vlog #164

In part one of my interview with David Melamed, we spoke about his background and the beauty of the search marketing industry. David Melamed and I in part two then spoke about the long term viability and success of search spam.

0:00 - Spamming Search Engines For Money
1:30 - Search Engine Competition
5:45 - Bidding On Branded Terms
7:09 - Shortcuts in Search Marketing
9:15 - SEO Testing

David explains he is pretty creative when it comes to coming up with ideas for websites to do well in search. He brought up some old local spam strategies that simply did not work. He said just the other day he received a question about exact match domains. In short, the shortcuts don’t work anymore. You need to be legit and do it the right way and build a real business.

This pivoted our conversation towards the topic about anti-trust issues with Google and how other search engines are just one click away. There are about 20 start up search engines trying to compete with Google. I talk about the early days of Google and we get into politics a bit.

We briefly also spoke about branded search results and the Google Ads policies around there. He is not happy with how Google handles branded searches and how competitors use that to their advantage. But he does not like that this is allowed and even more so, how Google broad matches on those competitor names.

Then we spoke a bit about easy it was to spam Google and search engines but nowadays it is simply not as easy. We spoke about some examples and also about the concept of testing platforms for SEO.

You can learn more about David Melamed on his website at

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