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16.09.2022 RustyBrick Barry Schwartz Search Engine Roundtable

Google September Core Update, Helpful Content Update Done & Possible Local Search Ranking Update

What a week, we had the launch of the September 2022 core update that started off strong and fast. Google confirmed the helpful content update is done rolling out but I bet most of you didn’t notice anything. Google even possibly had a local search ranking update, or it might be some ranking bug. Google also may be showing fewer featured snippets, maybe. Google Maps review guidelines now disallow incentivizing customers to remove or replace negative reviews. Google said word count is not a thing and even dropped the article too short Search Console error. Google expanded Merchant listings, added new structured data properties and added two new Search Console reports for products. Google also added a new HTTPS report in Search Console. The URL Inspection tool screenshot render feature now seems twice as long. Google is testing highlighted featured snippets, in yellow and blue. Google said crawl spikes aren’t global but rather on a per site basis. Google consolidated its A/B testing help content into a new document in the help section. Google Ads renamed ad extensions to assets and added new streamlined tools. Google Ads has a new page to see all automatically applied recommendations in one bundled place. Google Ads scripts now supports Performance Max campaigns. That was this past week in search at the Search Engine Roundtable.

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0:00 - Introduction
1:05 - Google September 2022 Broad Core Update Is Live - What We Are Seeing Now :
3:05 - Google Helpful Content Update Finished On 9/9 But Were Those Fluctuations Related To HCU :
4:30 - Google Local Search Ranking Update Around September 7th :
5:06 - Report: Google Showing Fewer Featured Snippets, But I Am Not Sure... :
6:08 - Google Review Guidelines Now Prohibit Incentivizing Removal Of Negative Reviews :
7:03 - Google: Word Count Is Not A Sign Of Thin Or Unhelpful Content :
7:52 - Google Drops Article Too Short & Word Count Section From The Search Console Content Errors :
8:34 - Google Merchant Listings Expanded, More Structured Data Properties & New Search Console Reports :
10:09 - Google Search Console Adds New HTTPS Report :
10:44 - Google URL Inspection Tool Now Displaying Longer Rendering / Screenshot Of Page :
11:11 - Google Tests Featured Snippet Yellow & Blue Highlights :
11:34 - Google: Crawl Spikes Aren't Global, Normally Noticed On A "Per Site Vibe" :
12:07 - Google Consolidates A/B Testing SEO Impact In Search Help Documentation :
12:26 - New Streamlined Google Ads Tools & Google Ad Extensions Now Assets :
12:54 - Google Ads Consolidates Manage Automatically Applied Recommendations In One Page :
13:08 - Google Ads Scripts Gains Support For Performance Max Campaigns :
13:14 - Conclusion

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