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04.04.2023 Ahrefs

How to Write Informational Content for an Affiliate Site [4.3]

In this lesson, you’ll learn how to write informational blog posts for an affiliate marketing site.

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By informational blog posts, we mean how-tos, step-by-step tutorials, definition posts, and basically any type of content where the primary intent is to learn. They may not seem to have commercial value at first glance but are still important for generating revenue.

Not only will you learn how to write blog posts for an affiliate marketing site, but you’ll also learn how to increase the chances of your pages ranking higher in Google so you can get free organic traffic to your pages.

Here are the blog post types we’ll cover in this video:

► listicles;
► step-by-step tutorials;
► expanded definition posts;

Watch the video to learn the templates for these affiliate site blog posts and how they can become your silent profit generators.

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