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16.01.2023 RustyBrick Barry Schwartz Search Engine Roundtable

Mark Saltarelli On What We’re Missing With Marketing, Structuring Campaigns and CRM Data #206

Mark Saltarelli and I spoke about his history and about B2B digital marketing in part one; it was super interesting, so make sure to listen to that. In part two, we talk about customer misses, structuring campaigns, and data.

We dove into some examples of what a typical B2B customer misses with this, and he said many companies forget to exclude their own customers in these efforts. Why was the ad spent on existing customers when they are already customers? They also don’t do a great job of segmenting their lead databases, and they don’t target to speak to segments of those leads with special messaging. He also spoke about close-lost opportunities; if you make advances to your product, reconnect with those closed opportunities because they may be happy with your product today.

We then spoke about structuring your campaigns around B2B. Make sure to categorize your campaigns not just by topic but also think about segmenting the campaign by the level of intent. He talks through some technical actions you can take to actually accomplish this. Also, look at verticals that you can segment to and separate out broad match from your other match types so you can control spending better.

Mark explained he doesn’t have the data he wants and needs; about 40% of that data is gone, and it will probably worsen. But he said if you can capture it in your CRM, then you can pick up patterns on keywords that map better than others. So that is one other reason to capture it all in your CRM software so that you can see the trends. It is pretty insane what you can do to dive in within each lead to see what the conversation was with the sales representative.

Finally, he said he is just as much or a bit more in the weeds when it comes to the campaigns he worked with. But now he has more access to the data, in real-time, now that he works in-house. He can speak to the right people in almost real-time to surface concerns he has about the health of the funnel and to really drive better marketing outcomes. When he was in an agency, he had less control over all of this. It is less about providing recommendations as an agency would do and more about acting on the data now that he is insane.

Follow Mark on Twitter @marketingbymark or on LinkedIn by finding Mark T Saltarelli.

0:00 - Mark Saltarelli
0:49 - Buyer Journey & Marketing Funnels
2:45 - Google Ads Broad Match & Smart Bidding
6:15 - What We Are Missing With Marketing
8:40 - Structuring your Google Ads Campaigns For B2B
12:58 - In House vs. Agency Digital Marketing

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